Sheffield Repairers and Restorers of
Precious and Semi-Precious Metalwork

We can quote to repair, restore, or silverplate most
fine metalwork, churchware and silverware such as: 
teapots, candlesticks, salvers, vases, cups, cutlery
"It would be an understatement to say that I am thrilled
and utterly delighted with the transformation...
The restoration has exceeded my expectations." Gordon, Lincoln

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Repair and restoration of silver and silverplate antiques, churchware and trophies.
This service includes removing dents, making replacement parts, securing handles,
removing engraving, re-engraving, re-silverplating and gilding, professional polishing.
Please email us photos of your item with some dimensions and identified problems
you would like sorting, and we will give you an estimate for the work.
Sometimes once we receive the work we can see extra problems not evident in photos,
but we will always notify you before doing any extra work.


Makers of church and silverware.
Batch production of items such as chalice, patens, jiggers, spoons, napkin rings. Batch silverplating and finishing of your  copper items.


Squashed cup before
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Teapot handle ivories replaced with buffalo horn
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Hallam Football Club Trophy
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Sanctuary Lamp restored
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Ayr Cup
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Bent footed stand before
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Bent footed stand after
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At Perry Glossop & Co, we are proud to offer all customers our experience and expertise. Christopher Perry runs the family company, taking over from his father Peter who founded the business in 1974, after years of training at James Dixon & Sons. Over the years we have established a team of skilled craftsmen. Now his wife Karen is part of the operation and will be the person answering your call and replying to your emails.


Perry Glossop has a thorough understanding of the care and attention required when handling pieces of historical and symbolic silverware. We firmly believe that the highest standards of quality and service are best achieved by individual discussion with clients, and we are always available to offer advice. So if you have a specific product in mind or would simply like more information,
we are happy to answer any questions. Please do get in touch.


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Thank you for your enquiry. We'll try to get back to you as soon as possible. Chris and Karen